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State of Emergency

How can I do protocol and deal with an Emergency? 


Being in Hurricane Season and living in the South East, you think often about Emergency Situations – but being on Protocol, you have the added concern of “How can I do the HCG protocol and deal with an Emergency”?


As of the release of this premier edition of the “My HCG Journey Newsletter” we are watching two major storms in the Atlantic – Gustav and Hanna – and our thoughts are focused on those fellow dieters that might have to deal with such an emergency situation.  How does a person maintain protocol during a difficult time such as this? The choice remains YOURS!  If you feel, in a difficult situation such as this, that it is imperative for you to maintain protocol, by all means do so.  If you feel you should take a break, if may be easier to break for a short time and come back to the protoocl when life is back to normal and your routine won't be so hard to stick to.


If you decide to try to maintain protocol, here are some tips and tricks.


First, we must stress that it is imperative that you have a disaster kit ready before Hurricane Season starts – in fact, no matter where you are in the world, each region has to deal with its own set of natural disaster threats, so everyone should have a kit ready.  Each person in your household should have their own kit, stocked and ready to go.


What to Include


According to FEMA, a disaster kit should include enough food, water and other supplies to keep you alive for 3 days on your own – this is for EACH person in your household.  It is recommended that you have a kit available for each person in your household and make them responsible for it.  Immediate response by relief workers cannot always be expected, so you must prepare yourself for being alone and on your own.  Three days should be sufficient.


The following should be inclluded in all disaster kits:




First Aid Supplies

Clothing, Bedding, and Sanitation Supplies


Special Items (prescription drugs, baby wipes and diapers if you have a baby, an extra set of eyeglasses, etc.)

For the purpose of this article, let’s discuss the things you need to make sure you can handle protocol in a situation such as this.


Water – at minimum, one gallon of water per person per day.

Food – cans of water packed white fish, canned chicken breast, canned veal, canned crab, canned shrimp, canned lobster, cans of low salt or no salt added spinach, asparagus, sauerkraut, and tomatoes.  Single servings of applesauce (no sugar added, and as minimally procdessed as you can find), canned grapefruit and mandarin oranges (both with no sugar added) and melba toast, sealed in a ziplock bag to keep out the moisture.

Supplies – alcohol wipes, syringes with needles (if doing injections), your sublingual supplies with the ice pack needed to keep things cool, can opener, supplies to eat with


As you can see, there is much you can do to maintain protocol, even if the power goes out, or you are stuck somewhere that isn't home for a short period of time.


According to Dr Simeons, anything more than the required 26 day course means you can stop at any time with no repercussions, but if disaster strikes before the 26 days are up, then you must decide whether to continue or to call it a loss.  After all, you don’t have the added worry of dealing with a disaster AND protocol.


Lynne and Biz – Editors of My HCG Journey Newsletter

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